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New 100- and 200-Euro Banknotes to be introduced end of 2018


The Federal Bank announced, that at the end of the year 2018 a basic equipment with 100- and 200-Euro-banknotes of the new Euro-II-Series will be delivered.

Already in April 2017 the new 50-Euro banknote was introduced to financial institutions and cash-handling-organisations. Carl-Ludwig Thiele, the manager for cash and board member of the Federal Bank, announced at the presentation of the new 50-Euro banknote, that at the end of the year 2018 the Federal Bank will have brought the complete Euro-II-series into circulation. At the same time Thiele pointed out, that the Euro-II-Series is state of the art of the year 2010. “We will see, if and when there will be an Euro-III-Series” he said.

In the complete eurozone, the 20-Euro banknote is the most falsified banknote, whereas in Germany it is the 50-Euro banknote. The new Euro series shows visable and touchable security features, which the old banknotes didn’t have.

But even the new 20-Euro banknote which was introduced in November 2015, is not save against counterfeiting. An example of a counterfeit banknote that was shown in Frankfurt had a flourescent stripe at the side, but it didn’t show the official motiv of the figure of Europe. Also the number 50 didn’t show the change of color from green to blue and had no tangible ribbing.

Source: DJG/hab/apo Dow Jones Newswires

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