Rubber Stamp AS-01

Item No.: AS-01
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Features :
The seal is flexible,the font is clear and not change after immersion.

Net Wight:250g
Features Long preservation years, water resistance,
light resistance and chemical resistance etc.
Oil solvent resistant to high temperature, non-volatile, use durable after opening.  
Aluminum alloy shell, strong and durable.  
Non - toxic and environmental protection,dry instantly , never collapse.  
The print is bright, the color is bright, the penetration is strong, the mark is long.  
Waterproof and sundry, chemical resistance,
 non - volatilization, non-proliferation.
Metal case, the texture is outstanding.  
High brightness ABS material shell, beautiful and strong.  
Non-toxic, non-tasteless, non-formaldehyde.  
Nanoscale fine, bright color, strong permeability.  
Prints are clear, non-diffused and colorfast.  
Highly volatile dry and adhesion, extremely difficult to erase after drying,
widely used in the nonabsorption
 surface such as metallic,glass,plastic, rubber etc, also can be applied to absorption surface such as leather,
paper etc.The nonabsorption surface need a minute to dry and fixed, half absorption surface need 3 to 5 seconds.
Special for second to dry ink pad.  
Special for copper stamp ink pad.  
Special for  numbering machine.  
Applicable to all kinds of stamp pad, but not mixed with other printing oil.  
Applicable to all kinds of stamp pad, except photosensitive ink pad.  
The seal is flexible,the font is clear and not change after immersion.
It is a specially printed paper money substitute which can be used to improve the bank employees' money counting skills.  
Specifications Dimensions(mm) 132×80×31
Effective Dimensions(mm)  
Net Weight(g) 250
Color white
Material plastic/rubber
The ink used  
Ink model  
Carton Packing Details Dimensions (mm) 455×255×600
length 0.455
width 0.255
height 0.6
Volume (m³) 0.07
Gross Weight (kg) 41
Gross Weight by Dimensions (kg) 14
Net Weight (kg) 39
Quantity(pcs ) 156