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Update time : 2019-12-20 15:12:55

To reduce the risk of forgeries, business banks and cash-in-transit companies must check each accepted banknote for its authenticity and fitness for circulation before putting it back on the market – according to the requirement stipulated in the ECB decision on banknote recycling. This can be implemented in a simple way by means of banknote value counting machines (such as the Easy-Banker) or by using “trained personnel”.

The German Federal Bank provides online instructions at the website to enable the unambiguous and legally sound certification of “trained personnel”. Those who have passed the test, which is integrated in the online training


program, can obtain a certificate for the recirculation of banknotes with a validity of one to two years. The German Federal Bank recommends that companies should certify all employees whose tasks involve the handling of cash. Employees who operate money processing machines or banknote counting machines and who are therefore only partially responsible for manual value counting and sorting should also obtain a relevant certificate. The Federal Bank plans to carry out monitoring tests in 2015.