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Update time : 2019-12-20 14:59:45
Procoin GmbH signed the memorandum to do its best to update coin counting machines.
The €50 banknote is the most widely used of all euro banknote denominations: more than eight billion – about 45% – of all euro banknotes currently in circulation are €50 banknotes.
The European Central Bank (ECB) and the national central banks (NCBs) will introduce a new €50 banknote in spring 2017 with improved security features.
In June 2016 the Eurosystem held a seminar in Madrid for banknote equipment manufacturers and other partners. Procoin GmbH, as one of the market and technology leaders, took part in this partner programme.
The seminar ended with a memorandum of understanding on the adaptation of banknote equipment to the new €50 banknote being signed by the European Central Bank,European industry associations, banknote equipment manufacturers and other partners.
The various parties committed to do their best to ensure that machines and devices are ready to accept the new €50 banknote when it is issued. Partners also agreed to inform their networks about the new €50 banknote as comprehensively as possible.
The signing partners underlined their commitment to ensure that all vending, ticketing and other machines accepting banknotes will work with the new €50 note as of the launch date.
For more information and appointments for software updates of money counting machines please contact us here.
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