Currency Detector DC-2068

Item No.: DC-2068
Description DC-2068 Video Download
100% counterfeit money detection
Suspected banknote alarm with visual and audio alert
Shows quantity and totals
Checks 3currencies: EUR,dollar,Pound.
Insert EUR and GBP in any direction
Add function: total notes checked and total amount checked
Verification speed: < ½ second
Automatic banknote verification
Insert EUR and GBP in any direction

Processing speed: 0.5s/pcs
Power supply: AC 110 to 220V, 50/60Hz
Display: LCD white LED backlight
Rated power: 8W
Power consumption: <=400mA
Operation environment temperature: +5ºC to+40ºC
Relative air humidity: 10% to 95%
Carton dimensions: 490 x 370 x 430mm
Outer packing: 20pcs/carton
Gross weight of Carton: 17kg Net weight: 0.8kg
Features To be with  LCD screen display 
Displayed contents on the screen banknote's number
Orientation detection for USD one orientation
Orientation detection for EURO four orientations
Immediate banknote verification
Reduces counterfeit losses due to human error
Saves time & labor costs
Quick and easy to use
Easy to use with a "Passed or failed" test
Detecting way: Put the banknote against the left of the entrance
Check method: pattern, magnetic, IR, UV, safe Line
Specifications Ambient Temperature(ºC )  0~40ºC
Ambient Humidity(%) 10%~95%
Sunlight Strength(LX) 200~800LX
Power Supply(V) AC 110 to 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption(W) 8
Dimensions(mm) 128×138×73
Net Weight (kg) 0.65
Processing Speed(s/piece) 0.5
Battery x
Carton Packing Details Dimensions (mm) 490×370×430
Volume (m³) 0.08
Gross Weight (kg) 17
Net Weight (kg) 13
Quantity(pcs ) 20