Cheap Banknote Counter LD-2040

Item No.: LD-2040
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To count any bills freely.
To count in batch
To count in adding to check dollars  fake bills and values by UV  , MG, MT and IR
To check out different denomination dollars  bill, when the counted bill value is   different from the first counted bill
To sum   the total amount and total pieces of dollars bills.
To report the different denomination bill  pieces
To be with LED screen Display

Hopper Capacity: 150pcs
Stacker Capacity: 150pcs
Counting Speed: 1000pcs/min
Dimension: 298x247x185 mm
Power Supply: AC90-240V 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 75W
Size of Countable Notes: 50x100-90x190mm
Thickness of Countable Notes: 0.075-0.15 mm
Counting Display: 4 digits LED
Batch Display: 3 digits LED
 Net Weight: 9.8kgs
Gross Weight: 12.8 kgs
Color Box Size: 335×308×210 mm
Outer Carton Size:640x365x252 mm
Countable Paper Size Width*Length:50-85mm   110-180mm
Counting range:1-9999
Batch range:1-999
Continuous working time:>30 minutes
Work temperature:<20°C
Features Automatic start, stop and clear.
UV (ultraviolet) detection: can detect banknotes with suspected UV properties, because fake notes often use white or bleached paper which will reflect UV light and make the surface of note very bright. Real banknotes can absorb UV light.
MG (magnetic) detection: can detect banknotes without MG properties, because most of banknotes are printed using magnetic ink.
Batch function: allows you to preset a specific number of bills that the machine will count up to.
Add function: allows cumulative counting of all bills, up to a maximum of 999 bills.
Automatic half-note, chained note, double-note detection.
Suitable for most currencies in the world.
To be with  screen display.  LED screen
Specifications Hopper Capacity(pcs) 150
Stacker Capacity(pcs) 150
Counting Speed(pcs/min) 1000
Power Supply(V) AC220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz 
Power Consumption(W) 72W
Counting Display 4 digits LED
Batch Display 3 digits LED
Size of Countable Notes(mm) 50×100-90×190
Thickness of Countable Notes(mm) 0.075-0.15
Work Temperature(°C) <20°C
Noise(dB) <60dB
Continuous Working time(minutes) >30 minutes
Dimensions(mm) 235×280×180
Color Box Size(mm) 335×308×210
Net Weight(kg) 4.8
Carton Packing Details Dimensions (mm) 630×355×240
Volume (m³) 0.05
Gross Weight (kg) 12.4
Net Weight (kg) 9.6
Quantity(pcs ) 2