Banding Machine JB-221

Item No.: JB-221
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Both chinese and english can be switched to display              
Instant heat,No warm-boot,open then can direct use           
Tape can be mobilized with elastic binding              
The number of real-time display              
Check without paper function,eliminate paper
jams caused by the phenomenon of repaeted feed                 
Automatic fault detection and display           
Themachine have handle,easyto us

Binding adjustment range of the center of the tape:
Use tape :20mm width tape            
Binding speed:one times<2 seconds             
Use power:110-220VAC/50-60Hz            
Consumption:max60w,standby 10w                
Size:205mm x 260mm x 220mm 
Features Both Chinese and English can be switched to display.
Instant heating,can immediate use when start the machine.
Can adjust the tightness of  binding.
Real-time display the times of  binding.
No paper detection, avoid the paper jam caused by repeated paper.
Fault auto-detection and display.
Transparent cover, the use of paper tape is clear at a glance.
Specifications Binding adjustment range of the center of the tape 10-83mm
Use tape 30mm width tape
Binding speed one time<2 seconds
Power Supply(V) AC110-220V/50-60Hz
Power Consumption(W) max 60W,standby 10W
Dimensions(cm) 20.5×26×22
Net Weight (kg) 5.7
Carton Packing Details Dimensions (mm) 295x210x320
Volume (m³) 0.02
Gross Weight (kg) 13
Gross Weight by Dimensions (kg) 4
Net Weight (kg) 11
Quantity(pcs ) 2