Coin Sorting Machine CS-5502

Item No.: CS-5502
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Unique alloy sensor technology

Rejection of foreign coins, tokens etc.
Totals and subtotals in value and number of coins counted
Counts up to 16 different denominations
Programmable stop function for bagging and tubing
There are 5 sorting channels and extra fake coin channel
RS-232 communication interface, can connect computer and printer;
The external interface can be connected to the LED display video monitoring does not blink;
U disk software upgrade

Dimensions: 415*510*310mm
Weight: ca.22kg
Power supply: 230V50Hz or 115V60Hz
Power consumption: 60W
Ambient temperature: 10-40ºC
Humidity: 30-75%
Volume coin hopper: approx. 500-600 coins
 (with a coin diameter of 21,5mm and a coin thickness of 1,7mm)
Speed: up to 800 coins/min
Display: 4.3 inch TFT color screen
Features Count and sort mixed coins into the different drawers
Displays value and coin quantity one kind by once
Batch function it can be batched with the different denomination at the same time.
Quick and easy to use 
Novel and compact design
Specifications Sorting speed (unites/minute) 270
Screen Type LED
Hopper capacity 400~500
Dimensions (mm) 345 x 306 x 258
Net weight (kg) 3.9
Power supply AC220V/50Hz; AC110V/60Hz
Power consumption (W) 45
Carton Packing Details Dimensions (mm) 745 x 375 x 330
Gross Weight (kg) 10.7
Quantity(pcs) 2