Currency Detector DC-108L

Item No.: DC-108L
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Ultraviolet lamp
Verifies the UV features in banknotes
Large white light area
Fluorescent light for watermark verification
Simultaneous UV and watermark verification function
Large and clear LCD display
Automatic counterfeit detection: Infrared, Magnetic ink, Metallic thread, Watermark, Color, Size
Automatic standby after 30 seconds
Verifies credit cards, passports and other ID's

Operating Temperature: 10~40ºC
Relative Humidity: 40~80% 
Power Supply: AC230V/60Hz
Net weight: 1.6 kg  
Overall dimensions: 247×160×217mm(L×W×H) 
Features To be with  LCD screen display 
No dead zones due to the vertical location of the camera x
Geometrical angle,can display the correct
banknote's image on the screen
Infrared detection for IR features verification
Ultraviolet light for UV features detection
Magnetic sensor for magnetic ink detection
White light for watermark detection
Area with a ruler for measureing paper currency size
Verifies all kinds of banknotes(bills),credit cards,
traveller's cheques,passports,
IDs,and other legal documents.
Specifications Ambient Temperature(ºC )  10~40ºC
Ambient Humidity(%) 40~80%
Sunlight Strength(LX) 200~800LX
Infrared Wavelength(nm) x
Power Supply 110V or 210, 220, 230V (switchable)
Power Consumption(w) 22
Dimensions(mm) 247×160×217
Net Weight (kg) 1.6
Magnification Times x
Carton Packing Details Dimensions (mm) 440×700×326
Volume (m³) 0
Gross Weight (kg) 13.9
Net Weight (kg) 9.6
Quantity(pcs ) 6