Cash Box Seal OP-306

Item No.: OP-306
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Features :
One-off secret lock plate surface uses laser to mark bank name and bank special code, one-time use, cannot be retrieved after destruction, use with bank special security locks together, to reach the role of internal control,confeidentiality and protect against risks.

Dimensions: 21*11mm
Material: plastic
Color: white/yellow/orange/blue/gray etc
Application Range: suitable for L-404/L-412 lock
Features Lock sealing plate is refers to a one-time lockhole sealing card that the surface is coveredwith cannot divest non-woven fabrics with printing logo and anti-counterfeiting watermark ,it can seal or signature, cannot be retrieved after destruction.
It uses along with card sealing lock, card sealing management lock,
Card sealing self-service equipment adding money box lock, card packet etc. Series of products .
The product can be applied to any part of the country to ensure the
 good performance of hot, cold, cold and wet weather throughout the day.
Specifications Dimensions(mm) 11×21
Net Wight(g) 0.3
Color white
Material plastic
Applicate Range
suitable for L-405/L-406 lock
suitable for L-405/L-406 lock
Dimensions (cm) 25×24×19
Carton Packing Details Volume (m³) 0.01
Gross Weight (kg) 7
Gross Weight by Dimensions (kg) 2
Net Weight (kg) 6
Quantity(pcs ) 20000