Corner Tapes PET-20-76-0.07

Item No.: PET-20-76-0.07
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Inner Dia:76mm
Outer Dia: 182mm
Features 1. Our tapes are non-toxic and eco-friendly.
2. Clear and neat. No impurities, crack, dust or any holes.
3. Strong and durable. Harmless to your hands, and easy to bundle notes.
4. Applicable to semi-automatic and automatic packaging machine, working efficiently. 
5. Suitable for Currency banders and Binding & Packaging Machine. 
6. We can customize order at your request.
7. We have white, yellow and transparent tapes.
8. It is available to print logo & brand on the paper tape. 
9. Solid packaging with inner boxes and outer carton.
10. OEM and ODM are available.
Specifications Width 20mm
Inner Dia 76mm
Outer Dia 182mm
Thickness 0.07mm
Temperature 140-160
Material PET
Color Transparent
Length 250M
  Suitable brand Mosun TJ-40 Mosun TJ-40A Zhengsheng ZS-40 Zhengsheng ZS-400 Hongming HM-S400 Hongming HM-40 WELLMARK WM-SJT40 WELLMARK WM-40A Zhongke ZK-320  SATE S-700 SATE S-500 New Luolan 650CS New Luolan 800CS New Luolan 1100CS New Luolan GK-1080T  ZHENGSHENG ZS-6418D Xinhuiyuan Xy-500 INNOVO A-40 JIASUN SL-360 JIASUN SL-420 NEW LUOLAN GK-1200PC NEW LUOLAN ZS-400 Xinhuiyuan XY-40 PAGAOKE GK-1200PCS PAGAOKE GK-1450PCS Jiasun SL-420A Jiasun SL-420B zhongke ZK-6040TJ ZhengRun ATJ400 changs CTY-40 RAGAOKE GK-980SLJ XCS Yl-800PC ZhengRun ATJ600 RAGAOKE GK-1600PC RAGAOKE GK-1800PC ZhengRun FD-TJ40 Longxingsheng LS-T430
 SENTIAN WY-40 Saili SLT-70C RUICAI TG-40A Allraising OR-730 Zomagtc ZM-600A Zomagtc ZM-800A LAOMO LM-TG-40 Longxingsheng LS-T500 Innovo ZXTJ-600A XJ XJ-40M LAOMO LM-TG-40 ZOMAGTC ZM-730 Allraise OR-600A TJ-02 Innovo ZXTJ-450 Ruisike RSK-A1 Ruisike RSK-A2 Champion CMBC-40
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