Packaging bank currency OPP-30-50-0.1 black

Item No.: OPP-30-50-0.1 black
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Inner Dia:50mm

Outer Dia: 133mm





Suitable brand: JB-208
Features 1. Our tapes are non-toxic and eco-friendly.
2. Clear and neat. No impurities, crack, dust or any holes.
3. Strong and durable. Harmless to your hands, and easy to bundle notes.
4. Applicable to semi-automatic and automatic packaging machine, working efficiently. 
5. Suitable for Currency banders and Binding & Packaging Machine. 
6. We can customize order at your request.
7. We have white, yellow and transparent tapes.
8. It is available to print logo & brand on the paper tape. 
9. Solid packaging with inner boxes and outer carton.
10. OEM and ODM are available.
Specifications Width 30mm
Inner Dia 50mm
Outer Dia 133mm
Thickness 0.1mm
Material OPP
Color Transparent
Length 100m
Suitable brand Akebono OB-301N COM JD-240 COM BBFII-200 COM JDII-240 Uchida Tapit Series Tapit-WX Tapit-WII+ Tapit-Petit Tapit-50W Softband 600 Taipack BP-420 BP-01 TZ-888AS BP-01A TZ-888 Stand BP-420 Stand TZ-888 TZ-888A TZ-889 TZ-889A ATS
 US-2000 AD US-2000 AD-V US-2000 LD1 US-2100 ATS-MSP 240 ATS-MS 380 ATS-MS 420S ATS-MSX 420 BUSCH TB 24 I TB 24 II TB 26 I TB 26 II TB 39-30 TB 39-50 DalliPak DALLIPAK DA 240 UltraMatic 425 UltraMatic 425 LD DB Series Standard DB-Serie with printer DB-Serie with pressure unit Musashi PA-30 Sollas Bandum 25 MPC Bandum 50 MPC DORS 500 BAMA 100 BAMA 200
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